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JDEA is committed to providing an objective analysis based on sound judgment and ethical values. If you are “expert shopping” for a pre-determined opinion, we may not be able to provide you with that service. 

Reconstructing a traffic collision is similar to constructing a jigsaw puzzle. There are many pieces that have to fit well together to form a clear picture. In traffic collisions, law enforcement is tasked with conducting an investigation that will focus on whether a criminal act was involved. The investigation will document evidence to support a criminal prosecution. In the event that prosecution is not likely, all of the evidence may not be collected. Both experts and attorneys agree that in cases that will likely be headed to civil litigation, a collision reconstruction expert should be consulted immediately. These cases sometimes take many months to reach a hearing. A decision to involve a collision reconstruction consultant early in the case is often critical to ensure that valuable evidence is not lost and sound decisions are made.
Reconstructing a collision is a complex task that examines the evidence. Witness statements, although helpful, are not always reliable. Accepted principles of physics and math are then applied to reach a conclusion on the dynamics of a collision. Actual crash testing is often used to support a conclusion. This analysis will often answer many important questions such as impact speeds and collision severity. A careful motion analysis and a time/position analysis may also be necessary to examine the case. We can help you make an informed decision on what services need to be performed or whether a complete reconstruction is warranted. This information is valuable in making decisions on how a case may proceed.

The results of a reconstruction may be used as a foundation for other experts to form an opinion, such as a bio-mechanical or human factors expert. An experienced reconstruction specialist has many techniques and tools to draw from during an analysis. Starting at a known point, usually at impact, the process is worked carefully and methodically in both directions, both pre-collision and post-collision.

When choosing an expert to reconstruct and analyze a collision, it is vital to select someone with both theoretical and hands-on field experience. With over 32 years of law enforcement experience investigating all types of traffic collisions, specialized training and crash testing, JDEA offers that expert experience and knowledge for you.
James D. English & Associates offers professional collision reconstruction services, expert consultation and litigation support to attorneys, insurance companies, and private parties. JDEA is one of the leading trainers in certifying technicians in the use of the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval Tool.
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